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Adele Bowden 

Dip HE, BSc, MSc Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner Medical Aesthetics Clinic 

4Ever Facial 

4Ever Facial innovative two-phase formulation

Microdermal Abrasion Cleasing Lipogel Carbon Salicylic Mask Antioxidant Neutralising Activator 4EVER acts through a mechanic, chemical and antioxidant action to decongest the skin.

Phase 1 

Microdermabrasion through application and massage of LIPOGEL to obtain an effective mechanical peeling. At the end of the massage with LIPOGEL, the nebulisation of the ACTIVATOR will give an in situ cleansing emulsion with a degreasing and cleansing sebum action that will facilitate the deep cleaning of the epidermis and the removal of the product.

Phase 2 

Pre-peeling through the application of the PEEL-OFF MASK with salicylic acid and vegetable charcoal, with an exposure time of 5 minutes. The subsequent spray of the ACTIVATOR will convert the pre-peeling into a peel-off mask in a few seconds, effective for the removal of sebaceous residues and impurities from the epidermis.

Microdermal Abrasion Cleasing Lipogel

  SPHERICAL MICRONIZED SILICA Particles dimension 6μm, ideal for deep and effective dermabrasion. SACHA INCHI OIL Biological oil, rich in Omega 3-6-9, vitamin A and tocopherols. It regulates skin permeability, guarantees correct hydration and acts as ROS scavenger to protect DNA. ALMOND OIL Pharmaceutical grade, emollient, moisturizing and antiaging. Omega 3-9, Vitamin E-B1-B2, improve skin barrier and microcirculation, slowing down skin ageing. SUNFLOWER OIL Rich in Omega 3-9, Vitamin A-D-E-B6 and minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc. Provides protection from ROS, nourishment and moisturisation.   SALICYLIC ACID Beta hydroxy acid with powerful exfoliating properties that selective breakdown keratin’s amino acidic change of corneocytes. It intensifies the proliferative response of the germinative layer, which encourages epidermal regeneration. It has bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory action, helping to open up skin pores, creates an unfavourable environment for bacterial growth.

Carbon Salicylic Peel Off Mask

VEGETABLE CHARCOAL Purifying and detoxifying action, absorption of pollutants and skin impurities. Thanks to its properties remove excess sebum, helps to reduce the appearance of blackheads leaving the skin smooth and luminous. Antioxidant Neutralizing Activator SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE It’s a stabilised vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) derivative. Due to enzymatic action, it releases active Vitamin C, with a powerful antioxidating effect. WHITE MULBERRY EXTRACT Contains various bioactive like vitamins A-B1-B2-B3-B6-C-E, minerals like magnesium, copper, selenium and carotenoids. Those ingredients protect membranes from photo-ageing and reduce elastosis. RUSCUS ROOT -Soothing and illuminating, it increases blood flow and circulation improving cellular metabolism, detoxification and tissue oxygenation. PHYTIC ACID -Reduces melanin synthesis by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. It stimulates exfoliation of the corneum later acting on corneocytes adhesion. Please ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.  


Common side effects include redness and blotchy skin from the pressure of exfoliation. Rarely inflammation, itching and allergy could occur. Avoid wearing makeup or using any products on your skin on the to give your skin time to heal. Avoid scheduling facials within three days of a big event at which you want to look your best.